Kyle Hughes
Although many organisations are outsourcing support to supplement their L&D functions, requirements are different for each business. A Managed Training Services (MTS) provider will be able to understand how your organisation works and ‘chameleon-ise’ themselves to the requirement. Here we examine some of the benefits an MTS can bring, all of which can be dialled up or down to seamlessly fit into, and bring value to, your organisation.

Tender Management

If an organisation is required to tender for a training requirement, it puts incredible pressure on staff and resources to write and publish the tenders, shortlist potential suppliers, score submissions, on-board new suppliers and manage the full process. A managed service will give you instant access to a supply chain of subject matter experts, all experienced with the process of bidding for and undertaking the work. A client recently said ‘It is estimated that using Premier saved us at least 2-3 weeks of time and work, for each contract, enabling the learning and development team to continue to work on other high priority work’.

Incumbent Onboarding

Organisations may have had the same training provider, delivering high quality learning for many years and have developed great long-term relationships with one another. Often this can act as a deterrent from working with a managed training service provider, however this is another factor that can be dialled up or down as the MTS can onboard the incumbent and be as hands on or off as you organisation prefers.

Cancellation Terms

Dealing with the tumultuous conditions that COVID put on business, training plans became uncertain and courses had to be cancelled for a variety of reasons. Having direct contracts with individual providers cost many organisations due to cancellation fees being applied. Working with a MTS is vastly beneficial to the customer as they can enjoy very generous cancellation terms; in some cases up to 5 working days no fee agreements.


Due to the depth and quality of the supply chain, a MTS provider will support in managing spend whilst finding ways to improve service and quality. Based on your requirement, within 5 working days you will be presented with solutions that you can compare quality, content, price, experience, outlines etc, to ensure you get the right learning solution for your organisation.

Access to Discounted Solutions

The value of the supply chain is one of the greatest features of a quality managed service and can bring innovation and expertise to challenges faced by the client. Due to the relationships built up over time with the providers, volume and exposure to a wider marketplace, providers within the MTS supply chain are willing to offer significantly discounted rates from RRP to clients.

Free Resources

A MTS provider will support many clients in different sectors and so are perfectly positioned to see emerging challenges, trends and examples of best practice. One of the benefits of this is that clients can be given access to curated resources that aim to address what is going on in their sectors and industries currently. This can come in the way of resource packs, webinars, round table events and even free training.

Administration and Booking

The MTS will provide a booking and payment system that integrates with your existing technology and processes which takes time intensive work off your hands. Everything from searching courses to raising enquiries, identifying the best fit solutions, making requests, booking courses and making payments is as easy as it is efficient.

The features outlined above (and many more that benefits that aren’t) are utilised to varying degrees by clients and the key to the success of bringing in a manged service is their ability to integrate into the organisational way of working. This necessitates early understanding and agreement on what is required, how the organisation wants to work and what requirements they have now and will have in the future.

If these features appeal to you and your organisation, please get in touch and we can discuss whether Premier Partnership would be a good fit for your organisation.