A multi-year multi-event learning solution to equip current and future leaders with the skills to build high performing teams, manage performance and implement change within a Local Authority. 


Rotherham MBC’s Adult Care, Housing and Public Health Directorate Leadership Team (DLT) identified that their future leaders required professional development support to realise their potential, to acquire key skills and tools, and to prepare for the challenges of moving into a management role. 


Working in collaboration with the Directorate’s Service Improvement and Governance Team, Premier Partnership created the Rising Stars Programme which comprised facilitated learning modules and coaching. 

Five modules were delivered over a 6-month period which progressed the delegates’ skills, knowledge and behaviours in the following areas:  

  • LeadershipUnderstanding the key attributes and responsibilities of a leader. 
  • CommunicationRecognising how effective communication can develop and maintain team effectiveness. 
  • TeamworkUnderstanding how teams work and how to develop and nurture a high performing team. 
  • Managing ChangeRecognising their role in leading, managing and implementing change. 
  • Managing PerformanceDeveloping the tools and techniques to manage performance, nurture individual high achievement and increase job satisfaction.   

Coaching was delivered between each module by DLT members and other Senior Managers.  The coaching built on the progress made in the facilitated group modules and enabled learners to apply it successfully into workplace challenges.   

A key feature of the success of the Rising Stars Programme was the sponsorship of the Strategic Director and coaching from Assistant Directors and Heads of Service.   Each Rising Stars Programme culminates in a Celebration Event where delegates and coaches come together to share their experiences.   


The programme was extremely well received by learners, DLT and coaches/mentors. More than 40 individuals have completed the programme so far and another cohort started in April 2021. 100% of the learners stated that they would recommend the training to a colleague and all said that the knowledge provided throughout the programme was applicable to their role as a leader within Rotherham MBC. 

Learners on the Rising Stars programme state that due to the quality of the teaching, the concepts and models provided can easily and quickly be applied to their work. Learners also reported an increase in confidence to take on new roles, were able to build better teams, could communicatmore effectively and improved their ability to manage relationships as a leader. 

Owing to the success and value the council experienced, Rotherham MBC commissioned Premier Partnership to run yearly iterations of the programme to support more of their ‘Rising Stars’. 


 Anne Marie Lubanski, Strategic Director of Adult Care, Housing and Public Health-

‘I’m so proud to see our Rising Stars of 2020 complete their programme and hear about the confidence, skills and opportunities they’ve gained. I’m particularly impressed at how they embraced the online delivery and created a strong virtual learning and support community. They’ve shown exactly the adaptability and teamwork good managers need!’ 

Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning and Rising Star mentor –

‘We have lots of excellent staff and Rising Stars is a way to help more of them take things to the next level, to develop the confidence to really go for it’.