Premier Partnership moved quickly in three ways at the start of the pandemic; by flipping our traditional classroom based workshops into digital packages, engaging with our wider supply chain to identify and promote their digital offering and to support our clients by making digital solutions easily available to them.

Part of the job in working with our clients to make digital available to them was us examining their forecasted training for the coming months and offering them digital alternatives. Take up on that was initially varied from client to client, but with the growing realisation that we were unable to start class room based training any time soon, more clients got on board and started using us for digital training.

One such success story is one of our biggest clients, Oxfordshire County Council, who switched their whole training programme of approximately 20-30 courses a month to a digital platform. Oxford CC have been so pleased with the way we have managed it and the quality they have received, that they have now flipped all training for the rest of the year to digital.

Our clients have been extremely impressed and satisfied by the work we have done, and this has been reflected by the end users too. We received feedback on every course we have ran digitally with Oxford CC, with frequent comments stating that digital has in fact worked better for their learning impact, and that the delegates are extremely surprised how well the training has been delivered. We can only see this as a comfort and a positive and look forward to exploring the digital world of learning possibilities for our Clients.