Apprenticeship Standards

Premier Partnership’s knowledge and experience of working with public sector organisations to offer blended learning solutions to their most pressing organisational issues has been drawn upon to develop a robust and seamless process for high volume roll out of three vital apprenticeship standards.

We have teamed up with a number of local authorities, the Civil Service and City & Guilds, to be at the forefront of delivery of these standards, ensuring that learners and organisations get the most out of the programme over the short and long term.

This includes a full induction and ongoing support from both tutors and online platforms (including e-portfolio and loaned tablet) to fully prepare learners for successful completion of the End Point Assessment and a successful career as a valuable member of the organisation they work for.

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Public Service Operational Delivery Officer

The Operational Delivery Officer (ODO) apprenticeship standard is designed to develop individuals who work in public facing environments within the public sector, equipping them with the skills to offer the most efficient and highest quality service to the public as internationally recognised professionals in this key role.

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Business Administrator

Business administration is a core function within the public sector to ensure seamless service delivery through effective and collaborative internal processes and systems. The Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship standard provides learners with highly transferable skills that can be applied to all areas of work and a platform for developing towards management. It provides public sector organisations with a more efficient, flexible and responsive workforce that doesn’t work in silos.

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Customer Service Practitioner

The Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship standard is designed to enable customer facing staff to deliver a high level of service in their interactions with the public via telephone, post, email, text, social media, or face to face. This important role impacts on the experience and satisfaction of those using public services or purchasing public sector products, and therefore on the overall performance of the organisation. The apprenticeship gives learners the skills, behaviours and in-depth knowledge of services that are being delivered, to fulfil this role effectively.

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