Virtual reality is swiftly becoming the norm and becoming an increasingly popular and effective tool as a means for health and safety training. Virtual reality is a stimulating sensory experience which in turn, creates impactful ways of learning. A new study suggests employee safety could be improved through use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Health and Safety training, such as fire evacuation drills.

The latest Virtual Reality technology is being used to deliver Premier Partnership’s fire safety training. These sessions will provide learners with the ability to immerse themselves in a pseudo-hazardous situation, which will allow a practice-makes-perfect approach to many emergency scenarios.

Using a Virtual Reality headset, learners can walk around an exact replica of a building, using virtual versions of specialist equipment to apply the theory of how to extinguish different fires and deal with different situations in practice. This means that learners can see the consequences of their actions, making mistakes such as creating an explosion by using water on a cooking oil fire more memorable and, as such, less repeatable in a real-life situation.

The benefits of the new technology include increased learner engagement, and cost savings as a result of being able to carry out the equivalent of real-life scenarios safely and without the need for specialist facilities and equipment.

The VR practical session is an interactive experience putting delegates in an office environment with multiple fire scenarios. Delegates will need to activate the fire alarm and tackle a fire using the knowledge they have learned from the course to use the correct extinguisher or risk catastrophic consequences.  This is a fun and safe way to put the course content into practice using a full VR suite, including full motion head and hand tracking.  Please note this is only available in certain areas of the country and requires a large enough training room.  We may be interested in adding this VR module to a course free of charge is we have an opportunity to film the session for marketing purposes.

Virtual reality is expected to “dominate the safety profession in 2020- and beyond”.

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