Clare Johnson, Account Executive

Hampshire was amazed by how quick I managed to onboard a supplier, register them on the database, process their booking for Train the Training ILM and have it invoiced the same day. All this was done within 24hrs. I couldn’t have done it without the support from Debbie, Rachel & Chris, and the Accounts team.

Knowing how urgent I needed to onboard the supplier to meet Hampshire’s requirements, Reception forwarded the onboarding docs late afternoon before logging off. The supplier emailed them back the next day, which helped a lot!

 I was in training all morning until 12pm and knew it was the first thing I needed to sort afterwards. I asked Rachel to see if we had received the documents back in the on-boarding mail box, and we had…Rachel then set the supplier up on the database which allowed me to then process the booking.

I contacted Accounts and Tracy helped me by sending the invoice out straight away to the client. I then rang the client and gave him the good news.

This was all done extremely quickly from 12pm – 4.30pm including my 45 minute lunch break at 2pm.

The client was worried that if we couldn’t have the booking processed and invoiced in this financial year they wouldn’t have been able to book the training as they wouldn’t have had the funds available in their next lot of budget, so Neil was really happy and very grateful. 

He also said that normally he would book his training directly with the supplier and not have a middle man to speak and now the contract has changed for him he wasn’t confident that it would be processed in this financial year for him. It gave him confidence when we turned it around within a few hours really! 

I have a strong relationship with Hampshire and it only grows each week. We work really well together and they always thank me for quick turnarounds in everything that I do for them.