NHS Blood and Transplant is a special trust within the NHS, formed in 2006 from an amalgamation of the National Blood Service and the National Transplant Agency. The organisation employs over 7000 staff with over 500 managers across England and Wales.

The Solution

In order to enhance and support senior manager and line manager performance the National Blood Service appointed Premier Partnership to design and deliver a middle manager coaching programme.

Following insight gathering from key stakeholders and those who would be completing the programme, the bespoke executive one-to-one coaching programme for middle and senior managers to enable performance development was designed and developed and included:

  • A three-day skills-based programme to upskill line managers in coaching techniques
  • Group coaching to blood collection teams to develop both individual and team skills

The course was delivered on the same day over a three-week period, to accommodate the needs of the organisation. This was then followed up by action learning sets that would aim to reinforce the delivery and the embedding of coaching techniques.

The programme also involved completion of the Thomas International Personality Profile Assessment to identify areas of most need with the delivery of six, two-hour face-to-face sessions with all of the executive board and other nominated middle managers. Each session involved the capture of a commitment to business improvement and the setting of associated targets linked to the overall vision of the organisation.

The Result

The course was evaluated to level five – return on investment in three complete teams including the respective senior managers. The results show a return of just under 600% or £6000 for each team, measured using estimates of the contribution the coaching and training made to increases in performance and increased blood collection.

Of the 12 senior managers that completed their coaching all report an increase in performance as measured by improved team results. Skill development events are evaluated to levels one and two with all events returning a 90% increase in knowledge and skill transfer across 82% of events.