Due to COVID19, the operation of one of Premiers largest programmes may have been influenced. Certificate in Knowledge of Policing delivers to hundreds of police recruits, including the Metropolitan Police. However, in collaboration with our trusted partner Enlighten, and with regular communication and updates, we have enabled a seamless transition to Digital learning.


We collaborated with all our partners who were delivering classroom-based training, to understand how we could move to digital options. We teamed up with Enlighten, in and with regular communication and updates, they truly stepped up adapted the classroom learning to digital! This seamless transition to digital learning enabled this police force to continue with their PC uplift.


“This emergency has enabled the police service and its commercial partners to go further and faster in deploying new technology to make welcome improvements. “

Nick Bradley, Managing Director, Enlighten

Follow the link to Policing Insights official page below, to read Nicks Bradleys outlook on how the Coronavirus emergency has accelerated the modernisation of training delivery with one large police force.


Covid-19: How training necessity became the mother of technological invention