-Kyle Hughes


I had the tremendous honour of hosting my first event for those involved in L&D within Local Authorities this Wednesday. As you will know, my aim is to create a community for people to network, discuss challenges and share best practice, so it was fantastic to start that off with ‘Challenges & Solutions: Learning Through the Pandemic’.The session was only an hour, but we managed to cover a lot of ground from the technical and strategic, to the interpersonal and tactical. We discussed topics such as:

  •     Overcoming platform challenges (Zoom / Teams)
  •     Galvanising enthusiasm towards online training
  •     Dealing with the pressure that comes from senior management’s unrealistic expectations towards training
  •     How to adapt training delivery considering tech and people
  •     How to convert classroom training into online solutions
  •     Ensuring learners are fully engaged
  •     Upskilling of internal trainers to be able to deliver virtually
  •     Tech team support
  •     The developing trend and need for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning
  •     Apps to drive internal marketing of training courses

… and many more!

If any of these topics interest you, or you know of someone that would find it useful, take a look at the recording of the session by following this link, or by accessing it via the events page on our website:


As we covered so much ground, the depth in which we got to on the above subjects was varied, so if you would like to continue the conversation with any of the participants and your counterparts from different Councils, please let me know and I will connect you.

If requested, I will send you a pdf of the presentation I used throughout the event. This includes the slide everyone contributed to when reporting their challenges in delivering learning throughout the pandemic.

If you specialise in learning and development in the public sector and you want to progress your strategy, then contact us for more information.

Kyle Hughes, Client Relationship Director at Premier Partnership