Challenges & Solutions: Women in Leadership

Challenges & Solutions: Women in Leadership
Thursday 17th December
14.00 – 15.00

Following the announcement that Kamala Harris will become the first female, first Black and first South Asian Vice President-Elect ever, we would like to ask you to join us on the next instalment of our ‘Challenges and Solutions’ series. The series aims to create a platform for you and your counterparts to network and share your experiences, and in this particular event discuss the factors affecting women in leadership positions and spark ideas on how challenges have been tackled and overcome through learning solutions.

It is with great pleasure that I can also reveal we are fortunate enough to be joined by Saj Zafar who will be contributing throughout the event. Saj is a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author and an accredited Personal and Professional Development Coach. One of her ‘claims to fame’ is being the first, and youngest, Asian female to join the Prison Service as a Prison Governor. She has an incredible 20 year story to tell which has included being appointed as the Ministerial Engagement Lead for Grenfell and subsequently the Wind rush Program.

All the events in the ‘Challenges & Solutions’ series provide you with the opportunity to collaborate and contribute and this time we are doing it with a little twist. Upon registration, you will be sent an article written by Saj exclusively for this event, for you to reflect on your own experiences, consider questions you’d like to raise and think about successes or best practice you would like to share with the group.

This event is absolutely not one to miss for women in leadership, or those responsible for the development of aspiring female leaders.


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