The curriculum for the new police degree apprenticeship was published by the College of Policing last month. It will become one of three routes through the Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) including routes for undergraduates and graduates, ensuring that all police officers hold a degree level qualification by 2020.

Some have argued that this level of academic study is not fit for purpose for modern policing but the label ‘degree’ does not mean that this new qualification is not practical. In fact, the College of Policing has insisted that it is founded in professional practice and has been specifically designed with a ‘blended learning’ approach to provide modern and up to date coverage of all the skills required for the next generation of modern police constables. This will include digital policing and cybercrime as well as more traditional areas of criminology, reflecting the changing nature of police work in the 21st century.

Like all newly reformed apprenticeships, this new standard has been developed in conjunction with employers (in this case police forces) to make it as fit for purpose as possible. It will be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy and give police officers at all levels the stamp of approval they deserve in recognition for the skills they have and the important role they undertake. It will also standardise what qualifications and training police officers have/receive with the current system not setting a clear benchmark.

At Premier Partnership, we welcome the introduction of the new police degree apprenticeship and believe it will revolutionise learning and development across UK police forces, helping them to attract and retain the best talent, and provide the best possible service to the public. It will also help to build public confidence in the service being offered. We already work with several police forces including the Met Police on their niche training needs and we look forward to being able to bring our skills and experience in the delivery of apprenticeships to the policing profession.

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