Cost effective, measurable, flexible, impactful. Digital learning is now more than ever, developing and progressing globally. Whilst people are working from home, this hands a good opportunity to catch up on learning that may have not been prioritised due to day to day busy work schedules.

We are dedicated to supporting our Clients through this period. The current coronavirus pandemic has resulted in home working for a large proportion of the Public and Private sector. To ensure continuity of learning opportunities we have worked closely with our supply chain to identify key areas in which learning can be offered digitally. This includes e-learning, webinars, virtual classrooms, online qualification based learning and bespoke digital learning. We have Digital solutions available in:

Business commercial

Health Safety wellbeing

Information technology

Leadership and management

Personal effectiveness

Social Care

We can also offer a client branded platform for customers to access all their required digital learning requirements.

We have created a catalogue of virtual classroom health and safety courses delivered through zoom, with tutors on hand to interact with and guide remote learners.

Our E catalogue provides a range of course like our face-to-face products that are all available in digital format. Our trusted suppliers are providing a vast range of core skill and specialist digital learning that we can make accessible on request. Through our partnership with Virtual College, we so have Covid-19 relevant free training including:

Infection prevention and control learning –

Working from home


As most employees now are remote working, this is the perfect time for workers to progress, learn, and develop their skills digitally.