We all will have experienced a lack in motivation this year, some more than others. The pandemic has shaped the way we work, and while working solo from our devices at home brings many benefits; like any significant alteration to our lifestyles, it comes with its hurdles.

Current figures now show over 46% of the working population work from home in some capacity. According to the Deloitte Global Millennial survey 2020, Job loyalty rises when businesses address employee needs, covering diversity and inclusion, to sustainability and re-skilling. 

Recent surveys have found that employers have stepped up during the pandemic by listening to their employers. Speaking to HR magazine, Rick Kershaw, chief people officer at Peakon said that the circumstances seem to have “shaken awake” employers across the country. “It appears that employers understood the potential impacts on employees’ mental health and took steps to mitigate these…”

At Premier we have been busy developing our own virtual courses and collaborating with our partners to provide a suite of learning solutions to overcome many of the challenges created by the pandemic restrictions. Contact us for more  information on the following titles and more:


Managing Remote Teams

Managing Family and Work Dynamics

Motivating Staff Working from Home

Transferring to Remote Training and Design

Building Resilience and Personal Stress Management