From inclusion, flexibility and autonomy, workplace standards have, and continue to soar. We now live in a world whereby employee satisfaction matters. Isn’t that great? HR departments are truly cracking down, by ensuring employees are looked after and given equal and fair opportunities. 82% of HR and People leaders believe the role of HR Director will be completely unrecognisable in just 10 years.

Allowing staff flexible working hours and having the space to work independently rather than being micromanaged, is becoming an increasingly popular method amongst workplaces – and in turn, receiving promising results. And due to this trending shift in the management of employees; Company CEO’s and Directors are catching on to the simple equation: 1 happy, fulfilled valued employee = a considerable amount of happy fulfilled valued clients. Talk about your return on investment!

If an employee is treated to a high standard of respect and value, they will in turn value your company, and go the extra mile. It’s no secret that every company must tick those boxes, cover themselves, the usual. But the trick is not to look at it that way. You don’t want to just tick a box. You want to think outside of it! Employees are your biggest asset. Treat them well and it can be guaranteed they will treat your business the same way.