Over the years, flexible learning has grown to mean various things for different businesses. However universally it helps workers learn skills to do their jobs better, benefitting both employees and employers.

Essentially, flexible learning provides learners with increased choice, convenience, and personalisation to suit the learner. It also provides learners with choices about where, when, and how learning takes place.

Considering the climate we are currently facing, flexible learning and working has been forced to the forefront of many business and employers’ priorities.

Premier Partnership can cater to this. Examples of this, but not restricted to, are as follows:

  • E-learning (self-managed, no tutor, typically online)
  • Virtual classroom (through zoom with tutor available)
  • Face-to-face in classroom
  • Webinars with guest speakers
  • Bite sized learning (10, 30, 60 minute short sessions)
  • Half day
  • Full day
  • In classroom
  • Residential where delegates stay over.

Do you require a bespoke, or tailored flexible learning solution for your organisation? Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.