I just wanted to feedback something from a client meeting, that shone a bit of a different perspective on our attitude towards the service we provide. When speaking to a connection recently, I learned that in their Council L&D is not just viewed as training to get people up-skilled for their role or position, it is so much greater and more important than that. Their opinion is that the L&D they procure through us, is an investment in their people and when promoting it, they market it as part of their staffs’ well-being. This framing has become even more important over the past few months with the amount of uncertainty that surrounds everyone.

Their staff view the L&D courses we provide as a huge opportunity for them to progress personally and professionally and greatly value the opportunity and importance of attending our courses.

I felt this was a refreshing  perspective and something I want to shine light on. Our efforts and the service we provide are much more significant and impactful than sometimes we can appreciate.

Kyle Hughes, Client Relationship Director at Premier.