In February, Premier are launching a new qualification for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is the Foundation Programme in UK Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; thus, the company will have learners from all over the world using their online qualifications system! The new Foundation Programme will equip all staff, including UK-based, local staff and staff from other government departments, with the core knowledge they need to work internationally and will run worldwide in over 250 countries.

The programme will build transferable skills to support FCO current staff roles and future career aspirations. City & Guilds will assure the programme.

Launching in February 2020 as part of a programme of events this marks the fifth birthday of the FCO Diplomatic Academy.

Global reach:

  • The FCO global workforce is 12,500 in over 250 countries.
  • The new Programme is mandatory for promotion for certain grades; and Module 1 is mandatory for all new staff worldwide as part of their induction.
  • Each learner needs to pass 6 module tests in order to get their overall certificate.  We expect staff to take c. 1500 tests per year in total in the first 2-3 years.

Premier Partnership are instrumental in the successful launch of this Programme and will be responsible for the tests taken in each module, as well as providing a global helpdesk for all learners to contact for help and guidance.