At Premier Partnership, success and passion go hand in hand, and for this reason our organisation has cemented our position as one of the UK’s leading learning and development providers. We now have 25 years’ experience of developing and delivering learning for the public sector, and this involves a long history of core skills training focused in many sectors… one of which is accredited health and safety training delivery. So, what’s new in Health and Safety at Premier?

We are thrilled to announce that we have extended our contract on delivering safety leadership training to High Speed Rail. We look forward to the future with them!


We are also excited to report that we can now provide a ‘just released’ NEBOSH course called the NEBOSH HSE certificate in health and safety leadership excellence. This enriched course will hand you the tools to successfully incorporate health and safety into your organisation. As a leader and or/employer, you will embody HSE’s ideal model of health and safety leadership and be able to recognise how your conduct influences health and safety culture. This course covers the following:

  • What health and safety leadership means.
  • The moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership.
  • The links between health and safety leadership and culture.
  • What the different leadership styles are.
  • How human failures can impact performance and culture.
  • The HSE’s model of expert health and safety leadership.
  • How leaders can build successful relationships with the workforce.


Our Internal team enjoyed a Macmillan bake sale on 27th September 2019. There was delicious baking, generous donating, and lots of eating! And all for a brilliant cause.


“I have been conducting and facilitating training for Premier Partnership since 2003. I have always been impressed by the professional approach, and commitment to, the improvement of the understanding of delegates. This reveals itself in many small but critical ways, from the production of professional literature, to the back-up post course, where delegates need support for more complex courses. The whole ethos of the company is one of continual improvement with consolidation conferences to ensure continuity across a truly country wide delivery”.

-Bob Cooper, Long term associate.

This testimonial recently received from our long-term associate, truly embodies our work ethic and emphasises the importance of partnership. Many thanks, Bob! Here’s to many more fruitful years working alongside each other.

Whilst we are on the topic of positive feedback… a project management course recently delivered by one of our brilliant associates Alan Bate received superb feedback from a delegate. A testimonial particularly worth mentioning was,

“An excellent two-day workshop, I learnt such a lot. The best training I have been on in years!”

Hearing great feedback from associates and clients is particularly rewarding and encouraging, as we are constantly striving to grow and develop as an organisation and as a team. Here’s to keeping up the good work, and to the future here at Premier Partnership… where public sector organisations easily source every type of learning solution.