Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service is responsible for the administration of criminal, civil and family courts and tribunals in England and Wales. They are also answerable for non-devolved tribunals in Scotland and Northern Ireland. They work with an independent judiciary to provide a fair, efficient, and effective justice system, and along with this, it is imperative that they maintain health and safety standards to the highest degree.


With the heavy administration and overseeing the ongoing work of magistrates’ courts and the County Court, Family Court, Crown Court, and Royal Courts of Justice- the health and safety standards throughout HMCST practices must be comprehensive, and routinely measured.  In 2012, HMCTS requested that Premier Partnership would create a tailored, accredited health and safety package for their industry. HMCTS employ around 17,000 staff and operate from locations in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.


Premier Partnership designed several IOSH accredited Health and Safety courses for Her Majesties Courts and Tribunal Service. A thorough and consistent approach needed to be adopted, to minimise safety risks, and training needed to include the crucial skills that personnel were expected to exercise in their varied day to day roles. These courses were reviewed and approved via IOSH’s rigorous approval process. Below is the course list that Premier collated and provided to HMCTS:


IOSH Accident Investigation

•             IOSH Manual Handing Assessor

•             IOSH DSE Assessor

•             IOSH Fire Risk Assessment

•             IOSH General Risk Assessment

•             IOSH General Risk Assessment Refresher


These courses delivered to HMCTS are frequently reviewed and updated accordingly on a regular basis.  These exhaustive courses included Risk Management from Legislative requirements, Health and Safety management systems, identify risks, control measures to reduce or eliminate risks, reviewing risk controls and implementing changes/action planning. The General Risk Assessment and Fire Risk assessment courses comprised this in more detail and offered the delegates a complete understanding of managing risks in their workplace.


Commencing in 2012, Premier Partnership have delivered 100 of these courses per year for HMCTS to thousands of delegates. These courses have been delivered to HMCTS by Premier’s highly qualified and experienced IOSH approved Health and safety Tutors. Premier Partnerships passionate Health and Safety associates used their extensive passion and knowledge of the subject and practical experience to communicate the content to delegates in a way they could associate in their roles. Each course had an exam, while others had both an exam and a risk assessment to complete for HMCTS delegates to earn their official accreditation. The overall pass rate of HMSCT delegates is almost at 100%.

The overall course response over the last 12 months have been fantastic, equalling an average feedback of 8-10/10.

Below you can see testimonials from our HMCTS delegates:


•             Very good presentation style – D Tunmore

•             I now have a better understanding of H&S in my role – R Turner

•             The course was an effective learning tool – J Towers

•             Fab Facilitator – K Brankowski

•             Excellent trainer, very supportive – J Elliott