With most of the population now temporarily switched to home working, this may be a huge transition for those who are not accustomed to it. Of course, the initial idea may be appealing to workers, being able work from the comfort of our own homes. But it’s not all fun and games, as there are distractions to consider and family life may disrupt work duties. That’s why it may help to-

  • Set boundaries
  • Create your own workspace
  • Plan your day
  • Get dressed into your work clothes- may seem futile but this will mentally prepare you for a normal working day.
  • Take regular breaks
  • Walk around, stretch your legs- go for a walk
  • Patiently communicate with your partner, children, or roommate your requirements for working, what your availabilities are throughout the day and when you need a quiet environment or to not be disturbed
  • Plan your time for interruptions

Now, let’s move onto the huge positives of remote working! As well as the obvious of being able to have your dog by your side, or wearing your favourite slippers all day… how can employees and employers reap the benefits of home working?

  • Reduced Overhead. More employees working from home helps the reduction of overhead expenditures of companies.
  • Reduced Turnover. When employees work flexible schedules, this can increase job satisfaction.
  • Increased Productivity. Studies show that staffers who work from home are more productive.

Want further advice on homeworking? Our Client Relationship Director Kyle Hughes gives brilliant insight into the lessons learned of remote working, in his recent Linked In article here

Not only is remote working beneficial to workers and companies, but also our eco system. With a significant reduction of commuting to work all around the world, the reduction of our Global community’s carbon footprint will be significant during this period.

Studies have even found that some business’ may not transition back to normal- according to the Guardian “It looks increasingly as if the situation will not ever go back to how it was: many employees for companies who have sent all staff home are already starting to question why they had to go in to the office in the first place.”

As speculation rises as to whether remote working makes more practical and financial sense for organisations; once normality returns this could indeed become an option for many. Employees will have already been provided with new laptops, desks, etc. This could be a huge turning point in the history of working, however businesses can only review in the months to come as to whether remote working is in fact more effective than office working.