The MAST programme is about promoting the safety of young people in London, by making it easier for practitioners to take appropriate action to support young people when there are signs that they are suffering from mental health issues and/or emotional trauma.

If you would like to register your interest for the MAST programme, please click the following link to be taken to the registration page MAST Sign Up.

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In order to ensure that the programme is as pertinent and useful as possible, we are currently trying to find existing resources (such as online articles, journals, research papers, websites, blogs, vlogs etc) that explore the following issues:

  • Understanding and identifying mental health (MH) / emotional trauma (ET) Issues
  • A general understanding of MH / ET, particularly those conditions affecting young people.
  • Common symptoms of MH / ET.
  • How mental illness presents in young people.
  • How young people at risk of MI / ET can escalate.
  • Risk factors in young people at risk of mental illness / emotional trauma, offending and gangs.
  • Vulnerability of young people to sexual predation by gangs, and how this is this linked to MH. Supporting a young person with mental health
  • How a practitioners’ behaviour can impact on a situation.
  • Benefits of early intervention.
  • Why it’s a practitioner’s role to take action (Case studies could be useful here)
  • The concept of a ‘therapeutic conversation’ and how it can help.

Referral pathways

  • How effective action can reduce the workload for MI / ET practitioners.
  • The importance of an effective ‘feedback loop’ to ensure action.
  • What is a triage service?

Delivering the training

  • Are there any practical exercises that are considered to be particularly effective when delivering MH training? (e.g. role playing)
  • Are there any case studies where things have gone well and wrong in the field of MH that we can learn from?
  • Are there other training programmes that cover similar themes?

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