Many of our clients are currently moving to a hybrid working model, so Premier Partnership  have been busy providing learning solutions, webinars and additional valuable resources in support of the transition. Here are a few of the most valuable free resources we have shared with our clients

If you are unsure of what hybrid work entails, or what it could mean to your organisation, this informative video gives you an introduction to the concept. The video starts off explaining the terminology, which may feel a little rudimentary, but then goes to good depth on some of the advantages and disadvantages of the model. It will give you food for thought when considering the ways you, your team and the wider organisation will want to work.

Defining Hybrid Work – Is this what the Future of work Flexibility looks like? – Running Remote (19-minute video)

Secondly, Vitality have written an in-depth report which sets out 10 recommendations organisations can implement to assist in meeting employees’ desire to have a ‘best of both’ approach to their work week. The report is well researched and in the ‘lessons from lockdown’ section, you will find a few pages on physical activity and sedentary behaviour (page 14) which particularly resonated with us. If you are considering how to make a successful transition to the hybrid working model, we recommend giving this report a read.

Healthy Hybrid: A Blueprint for Business – Vitality (57-page report)

In addition to the video and in-depth report, here are three articles we found very valuable and could assist you in your approach to hybrid working:

Embracing the Uncertainty of Hybrid Work – Future Forum  IBM (6-minute read)

The Seven Attributes you’ll Need in a World of Hybrid Work  CMI (5-minute read)

Hybrid Working: Now for the Reality…   CMI (7-minute read)