Premier Insights will provide Clients with a faster, more comprehensive access to their data. This includes data on upcoming and historical events and detailed reporting metrics, enabling clients to analyse their own spending/budgets.

Who can use insights?

  • Course bookers
  • Project managers
  • Anyone within a PP client that will have an interest in their data


Premier Insights is accessed via any internet browser. Clients receive a login upon which they will be able to access their dashboard.

There are multiple access levels to Premier Insights.

Example: A Procurement Director looking over 5 projects will see all data relating to all their projects, whereas a course booker for Project 2, they can simply access their own. They will have full access and be able to view their up to date Management Information whenever required.

Premier insights offers our Clients an excellent value of service, providing you with an extremely deep insight into your own data; you can view the data whenever you choose, and no longer need to request information to be sent to you (which result in delays).

Although Clients were already satisfied with the current level of reports they received; we were sure that there was a more efficient, effective way!

How does this enhance what we have provided previously?

This service enhances the previous reporting suite offered by Premier, by giving Clients a much higher level of data analytics than was available before. Additionally, the dashboard is refreshed every day, so the data is immediately available.

The data within Premier Insights is an exact match with Premiers course booking and invoicing systems. If a Client is raised an invoice pertaining to an event it will be reflected in Premier Insights as these systems are using the same dataset. The Operations team at PP work extremely hard to ensure all Client data is captured quickly and accurately. But if something doesn’t look right on Premier Insights, just give us a call and we will investigate it.

Going forward, there will be regular updates including a direct link to event evaluations, whereby delegate feedback will be shown for all courses within the system. This will allow Clients to directly compare their spend against delegate feedback, enabling them to make more informed decisions about booking future courses.

There will be future support for accessing Premier Insights on tablet/mobile. We want to be as open as we can with our Clients, so we will be introducing a road map to keep everyone up to date on all future features.


Once you have access to Premier Insights, any/all feedback is appreciated, we want to continue evolving Premier Insights with our Clients in mind, so we need your help and expertise to achieve that. If you spot a bug, or a mistake in your data, please report it to