The objective of Information Sharing to Tackle Violence is to both improve public safety in London and to reduce violent crime by bringing together data sharing and an innovative analysis methodology between health services, police and community safety partners, with an extension of data sharing, support and interventions for young people who are affected by violent crime.

The ISTV project will provide partners with tools and data to help reduce crime, reduce the number of victims, improve public confidence, inform licensing decisions, make better use of police resources and inform commissioning decisions.

The Metropolitan Police Liaising with Emergency Departments to benefit local community Safety Partnerships pertaining to crime by using robust data capture and sharing, to inform real change and develop a partnership response to crime in London.

The ISTV programme is divided into three strategic strands:

  • Strand One – Emergency Department Data Sharing: Develop the capacity to process, cleanse and analyse data sets from Emergency Departments, using an innovative ‘Hot Blocking’ methodology, and community based analytical resources to identify violent hotspots
  • Strand Two – Work with Major trauma centres to reduce and prevent violent crime: Extension and development of a youth intervention programme in the 4 Major Trauma Centres, which will build links with key network Accident and Emergency, and builds upon the concept of Violence Reduction Nurses to implement Violence Reduction Co-ordinators (VRCs) to support and develop capacity for the effective sharing of data
  • Strand Three – Partnership development and sharing of good practice Delivery of two London hospital trusts summit conferences to engage directly with partners and stakeholders

Bringing these work strands together will provide the means to adapt the Cardiff model to meet the challenges presented by a complex urban city, whilst also focussing specific efforts at those at most risk of violence through the Major Trauma Centres. This project provides an opportunity to test and demonstrate a proof of concept that could then be replicated in other major urban areas

Summary of Summit Conferences:

The summit conferences have set out to; provide evidence based benefits that anonymised data sharing can bring in your own area of work, the strategic importance, and its relationship to providing an enhanced picture of violence in London. While Highlighting the progress of the ISTV programme, along with the processes available to support sharing locally and London wide and promote further networking between those working in the same geographical areas.
Summary of ISTV Workshops

The objectives for the ISTV Workshops are; to bring together the wider ISTV London team including: VRC’s, VRN’s, community analysts, receptionists, ED consultants and the ISTV programme team, for the further purpose of Training input, Networking, Team building, providing resources to support the team and finally further consultation on the direction of the ISTV programme.

The ISTV conference on the 15th January was a great success and generated a lot of buzz around the event on social media. The ISTV programme is a MOPAC initiative that Premier Partnership is proud to help co-ordinate.

Premier Partnership supports Leadership and Management development through a blended learning approach that can be modified to suit the organisation and individual needs.