The L&D Innovation Research Report 2019 New Zealand is the result of a series of roundtable discussion groups with learning and development professionals about innovation and technology integration as a driver and enabler of organisational change. Although it is based on the views of L&D professionals in New Zealand, it provides a real insight into the current state of L&D in the UK today.

The report emphasises the evolution of the role of L&D, signalling that future learning and development strategies and tactics will seek to improve performance, create a learning culture and stimulate innovation. It recognises the long-held belief that the profession must step on board the digital movement and become fluent in the language of digital and tech.

Six challenges for L&D teams are highlighted in the report:

  1. Forging a learning culture with innovation at its core
  2. Applying data to achieve business outcomes and demonstrating value
  3. Developing the skills and competencies to be modern L&D leaders
  4. De-mystifying technology to deliver business objectives
  5. Successfully implementing technology and its adoption with UX (user experience)
  6. The future – staying at the cutting edge of L&D technology


There is no surprise in recognising that learning must become central, immediate and constant in supporting organisational performance and productivity. It must be embedded into every part of the organisation and part of the flow of work. Clearly L&D challenges are tied to demonstrating business impact. Learning professionals must show they can deliver to the business. The tangible benefits of L&D innovation and technology transformation can be difficult to quantify – but staying relevant and ensuring organisations are equipped to succeed in the modern business world are obvious wins.

But what the report highlights is that lack of time to step away from ‘business as usual’ and think about the bigger picture is the biggest barrier to successful L&D innovation. This is where we come in. As a leading training provider, we make it our business to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and techniques and integrate them into our services. We can help L&D teams gain a fresh perspective tailored to their organisational needs which will enable them to drive forward innovation while maintaining the day-to-day delivery.