Learning at Work Week has been run by the Campaign for Learning in May every year since 1999 to “put the spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work”. This year’s theme during the week 13-19 May was ‘Shaping the Future’.

As one of the UK’s leading and innovative providers of public sector learning & development, Premier Partnership is constantly designing and implementing the latest models of delivery and innovative delivery techniques to maximise our clients’ organisational performance. Here are just some of the latest developments that are ‘shaping the future’ of L&D:

Social and mobile learning

Social learning is now a critical part of our blended learning solutions, offering learners the opportunity to share ideas, explore solutions, and discuss assignments using learning portals and apps such as ‘WhatsApp’. Likewise, mobile devices are rapidly becoming the default medium for learning and development with phones and tablets hosting a wealth of core and supporting materials, predominantly used to enhance the embedding of new skills.


We have been at the forefront of virtual learning for some time now and faced the challenge of how to embrace this new technology without losing the ‘human touch’ which both learners and employers get so much out of. The future of ‘on the job’ learning is all about simulation but we are now mapping this even more closely to real life roles by fusing virtual reality technology with desk-top exercises and actor-led role play.

Here we are demonstrating our virtual reality safety training to Ealing Council:


We have now introduced gamification into a range of rail safety L&D products to enhance interest and recognise that competition has a role in learning. This is something that we predict will be a big growth area in the future of learning to increase engagement and interest.

For many employers and their learners, change can be daunting. It takes time for new ways of working to become the norm but embracing change is vital to stay ahead of the game as an employer. We want to challenge all employers to open themselves up to the potential of new learning solutions and delivery methods for significantly improving their organisational performance. If L&D doesn’t move with the fast pace that organisations move at, it won’t have the desired impact.