The challenges brought about by the pandemic have been substantial and wide ranging. From financial pressure, home schooling, mental wellbeing and physical health; Everyone has implemented their own mechanisms to manage the stresses and strains we have collectively endured.

Here’s an idea…

Premier Partnership have developed 4 x 90 – 120 min facilitator led virtual sessions to support your colleagues and teams through a range of topics. Blending psychological theory, real world application, discussions and even mini relaxation sessions; the participants are provided with a space to share their experiences of the impact of lockdown and consider some new or additional ways of (re)building their coping strategies.

Managing lockdown stress
The purpose of this session is to consider how lockdown has affected the way we manage our stress, to identify new stresses and share some ways to manage them.

Working from home- the not so new normal
The purpose of this session is to consider all the changes that have taken place, acknowledge those changes and look at ways to positively address the uncertainty and fear in our lives.

The unchartered path 
The purpose of this session is to consider how we have adapted, and what adjustments or changes we can still make to help us continue working from home positively until the situation improves.

Lockdown resilience 
The purpose of this session is to recognise or depleted resilience, understand how this is affecting us and consider the ways we can boost our energy and motivation, and ultimately, our resilience.

The facilitator:

  • Over 25 years experience in the mental health field in clinical practice
  • Certified mental health trainer
  • Holds extensively qualifications in community mental health and psychotherapy
  • Masters degree in Medical Anthropology (cross cultural psychiatry)
  •  Mental Health First Aid trainer accredited to Public Health England
  • Member of the International Association for Stress Management
  • Accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management as a Trainer of
  • Works with government departments, private sector and international
    organisations to develop mental health policy, training and wellbeing initiatives.


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