Research undertaken by Deloitte has revealed that today’s employees find themselves working from several locations and structuring their work in non-traditional ways to accommodate their lifestyles. Organisations are therefore finding it difficult to reach these people and even harder to develop them efficiently. With 30% of full-time employees doing most of their work somewhere other than their employers’ location and over 37% of the global workforce being mobile it is hardly surprising that the methodology for learning needs to evolve.

Employees are accessing information and learning differently than they did just a few years ago. Most are looking for answers outside of traditional training and development channels with search engines and social engagement playing a key part. Collaborative learning is now a key part of the developmental process with learners accessing personal and professional networks to obtain information about their industries and professions. It is estimated 80% of workforce learning happens via on-the-job interactions with peers, teammates, and managers.

With these changes in mind, organisations must evolve their professional development principles to ensure they provide learning that supports the wider business strategy and is fit-for-purpose for today’s employees.

As a leading training provider, we make it our business at Premier Partnership to stay ahead of the curve to deliver L&D solutions that use the latest tools and techniques to fully engage and immerse learners and result in the biggest possible impact on organisational development and success. When it comes to adapting your L&D strategy, we suggest considering the following things:

  • Customising learning solutions to populations and individuals
  • Designing learning solutions with the future in mind
  • Focus on the transfer of learning back into the business, rather than just the training itself
  • Base the L&D strategy and delivery on current business needs with ongoing input from leaders
  • Make learning a connected, integrated part of the professional development journey
  • Ensure that learning solutions meet the required standards of excellence, are piloted, benchmarked, evaluated and continuously improved so that they achieve what they set out to do

If you are interested in developing your L&D strategy and ensuring you deliver high impact learning, then contact Premier Partnership for some friendly and helpful advice from our expert practitioners on