Well, it’s been another interesting month.

We kicked off with doing lots of activities over the half term not we are allowed out – if you’ve also been getting out and about, I hope you’ve been enjoying it. I cannot quite believe the kids only have 3 weeks left until the summer – yes, I know, they’ve had enough time off, however, it has taken Lottie a long time to get back into the swing of it. She is definitely ready for some time out.

Some of you know, we live to the north of Doncaster in a cute little village – the usual tiny church, library, two pubs, a co-op, a tiny newsagent…that’s it. I’m trying to build Lottie’s independence, so she’s now allowed to walk around to the newsagent’s on her own. I won’t lie, this is very handy when you run out of milk! However……..Lottie has now started negotiating….”I will go, but only if I can get something.” You raise an independent kid, and just pray desperately that they don’t use it on you!

Lottie is not your average 9 year old when it comes to food and one of her favourite outings is to the fish market. Every shell fish you can imagine on little plates, like a seafood pick and mix. So on this particular occasion, she has feasted and we’re ready to buy fish for that evening. Lottie is looking at the fish laid on ice whilst me and mum are stood waiting for the fishmonger.

Lottie: “Was it shocked when it died?”

Me: “What?!”

Lottie: “That fish there, was it shocked when it died?”

Me: “Well I presume so, wouldn’t you be?”

Lottie: “It looks shocked!”

Fishmonger: “Best comment I’ve ever heard!”

This is my life ladies and gentlemen, and I love it.