Rebecca Dyson, Operations Support at Premier

Well see as lockdown 3.0 is upon us, I thought I would jot down more musings from this strange Full Time Working, Home Schooling Mummy. I am sure some of you can fully appreciate some of these things.

So, the first thing that I noticed this time around, is that I really don’t care that much! That sounds horrendous, I am aware – but what I mean when I say that is that I haven’t washed up last night’s dishes and that’s ok. The office resembles some kind of wastepaper graveyard, because in this digital age is it apparently ok to print TWO of everything, just in case (Lottie enters all of her work on to an app).

No, I can’t teach you how to do everything on Excel right now.

Secondly, kids on Zoom meetings! How on earth do the teachers manage it? I have lost count how many times I’ve wanted to scream “sit down, shut up and listen!” And yet somehow, the teachers still have that placid smile on their faces….they don’t teach that at uni…I know, I’ve been there! 

No, you had breakfast 30 mins ago, you can’t have a snack.

Thirdly, why is it when a phone rings, that is the most opportune time to tell you something REALLY important. We have no talking when I’m on the phone rule. What this translates as, is absolutely no noise at all, but flapping around with a look of pain on her face whilst on the verge of exploding. Nine times out of ten she’s forgotten what she was going to say when I put the phone down. 

No, school isn’t over. It’s not my fault it’s taken you 25 minutes to answer 2 additional questions.

Lastly, we get up and we get dressed for the day. This in itself is a challenge, I’m sure others understand how nice and easy it would be to just wear pj’s all day, but our mental health is better if we’re prepared and dressed. Lottie’s fashion choice most days…..shorts and t-shirt! SHORTS AND T-SHIRT in January! 

No you can’t have the heating on, put some blooming clothes on!!!!!

I hope you’re smiling now!

Rebecca x