Rebecca Dyson, Operationalist Support at Premier.

Well this week has been so calm, collected and serene…. IT’S HALF TERM!!! No home-schooling!

That being said, you all know that the comedy has still been rolling in this household.

We’ve been trying to get out every day, either to the farm or seeing people in our bubble to keep ourselves sane. Cue Lottie stating today is a PJ day and she is not going anywhere as she ‘needs some time to herself’. She is 9, there are only two of us in this house and I practically live in the office! Other than today, we have upgraded to leggings and jumpers, however there is still no sign of socks.

Our major challenge this week has been Chicken-gate! 

We are very lucky to be able to visit a farm as much as we want. We have dogs, horses, and a cat. We DO NOT have chickens….until Monday. We head off to muck out and find a chicken strutting around a stable. Cue a good 20-minute discussion around chickens, Lottie and the dogs trying to make friends with it and food being located. Anyway, normality resumes, and we crack on, with Lottie deciding she was going to the bottom stables block with the dogs.

We’re having a chat, working away and I hear “MUMMY, MUMMY, HELP!”. Dutiful mummy hightails down to the bottom yard to find Lottie locked in a stable absolutely sobbing. Now, I won’t lie, I was very concerned until I heard the reasoning behind why she was in a stable.

It turns out Lottie’s little ears had overheard the grown ups talking about fighting birds, to clarify the one on the farm was purely a chicken, not a fighting bird. Lottie has also heard, fighting birds cluck when they’re angry. This chicken followed Lottie to the bottom yard as its owners have small people and was potentially seeking comfort. Whilst he was trying to follow Lottie, she has managed to back herself into a stable….all whilst clucking! Lottie’s brain clearly said lock yourself in and scream for help.


Chicken- gate is going to be laughed about for a while to come.


I hope you are smiling now! x