So we’re now in to the 2nd week of the summer holidays in our household, however, Lottie did have to isolate for the last week of term. Back to home schooling for the last week of term – next joke! The week consisted of PS4, snacks and the paddling pool!

That being said, I have been amazed by Lottie each week. Her strength and resilience in the last 18 months has been overwhelming and her school report has reflected her dedication and outstanding ability at school. Then she comes home and does this:

She’s drying up and I glance over to her dancing around with a pan. Next thing, she purposely hits herself on the head and looks surprised that it hurt! (Insert facepalm emoji here)

Ohh but my daughters genius doesn’t stop there.

I’m lighting a gas ring on the hob
Lottie: how do you know when it’s lit?
Me: look of total astonishment
Lottie: just forget I asked that

At least she picked herself up on that one.

Another farm anecdote – We are so fortunate to have access to over 200 acres of farm land, with 3 amazing and protective dogs so I don’t need to worry about Lottie’s safety with strangers. That being said, on one of our visits, Lottie decides that the most appropriate place to sit is on my knee!

Had my 2nd jab yesterday – bit stiff, but absolutely fine. In the waiting room after, the lady said “you’re not in detention, you can make noise”. It was the most peaceful 15 minutes of my life – when do we have to have another one??!

And finally, the weather is about to turn this week and I have to return to my home office from my fabulous garden. I walked in to said office this morning and instantly shout Lottie. All I heard was….. ‘O-oh!’