Well we’re in the final stretch of the summer holiday now. 1 weeks, 5 days and 10 minutes to go but who’s counting?!

Lottie and I have made the most of being out and about this summer. I highly recommend Robin Hood’s Wheel gate Park (Nottingham/Derby way), Forbidden Corner (Malton way), Web Adventure (York) and Retrodome (Rotherham).

Alexa and the PlayStation are very good baby sitters. I did have the whole Mummy guilt about having technology babysitting, but you know what, sometimes it’s needed so I can work and then make the most of the days when we can actually get out an do things.

Meal times are always an exciting time in out household. Lottie was mortified when a box of fishfingers made it’s way in the house with the food order. I had to assure her they were for me and not her. I love a fishfinger butty, but for goodness sake – she’s 9! She should want fishfingers!

Not much else to report, I’m sure there will be more comedy moments when reality resumes next month.