This month has all been about hard work!

Some of you know, we get the opportunity when ever we want to play farmers and visit 300 acres of fields with numerous, very amusing animals. This month, we got to experience the hay harvest. An absolutely amazing experience for us and we CHOOSE  to do it, but for two very important people in our lives it was 3 days of very hard work in immense heat.
There were very few complaints from them as there was a job that needed to be done – they are the type of role models every child should have in their lives and I’m so glad Lottie has them in hers. For me, I had a bad back, so I got to walk, shout directions and get a very good tan when I wasn’t driving.

Going back to school has been hard work too. As much as Lottie has missed her friends, there is a little part of me that likes the massive hug I get when I collect her. Obviously, breakfast club and the childminder are the favourite part of her day as games and food are involved.

Being back in the office is a very welcome change after so long at home. If it is at all possible, I think I am more talkative now than I was before – <insert a sincere apology to my colleagues here!>

There’s lots of exciting projects going off and it’s great to actually see people again (even of we have all had to go shopping for new work clothes).