So, it’s been a while and I can now officially say that I’m no longer the home schooling mummy! I can hear the cheers from here. As much as I was incredibly happy to hear that schools were going back, Lottie was deeply upset. Her words were, “but when will we have quality time together now?”. Our home schooling experiences have been screaming, shouting, tears and copious amounts of unhealthy food – how did I set her expectations bar so low?!

This weekend saw me go out OUT! I hope that others of you had the pleasure of doing this too. I ensured we were safe and scouted out the bar prior to attending. I explained to Lottie that Mummy was going out on a girl’s night. This was followed by a lecture on not drinking too much as I won’t be able to get home…..she knows me so well!

We had an amazing time of cocktails and shots, and even ordered a taxi to collect my friend’s coat and bring it to us.

I hope you are smiling now!