Well, this month has felt like a long slog what with the weather and school runs. Obviously, it’s been the same mad existence and general hilarity in our household.

As you know, I am a very dedicated mum and my parenting skills are somewhat different to others. This was proven totally a couple of weeks ago when the following exchange took place.

Me – “You’re so beautiful”
Lottie – “Me?”
Me – “No the dog!”

Lottie – “Sounds about right.”

I think the weather is also impacting the rate at which the small thing is growing (I’m sure there are others out there that can sympathise). As a result, Lottie has been lucky enough to be getting new clothes every couple of weeks. One of her comments was, “Mummy you need to make sure you keep them clean.” – My washing machine is never off!!!

We thought that we might have a serious family issue on our hands when Lottie announced that her and her “boyfriend” were just going to friends. She didn’t want to talk about it until I picked her up from school the next day. Apparently, they got back together because they didn’t like not telling people they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. They are 9! I had to ask, “What does it mean when you say that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend Lottie?” Her brilliant answer, “It just means that we tell other people that we are boyfriend and girlfriend!” That’s the type of simplicity I need in my life!

Finally, the schools have broken up for half term. Lottie is definitely ready for it, however, her new quip when I ask her what she’s done today is to tell me she can’t remember as she is too far away from school. God help us all!