Stress is inevitable. But, like most things in life it is manageable. Rather than avoiding it, like a few of us are guilty of, it is more effective to acknowledge stress and tackle it head on. How do you deal with stress? Or do you fail to miss the signs that you are stressed? Or are you a superhuman, who never experiences stress?

Eliciting frantic behaviours such as irritability, inability to concentrate and craving sugar and salty foods are common symptoms of stress… but we don’t always listen to our bodies. “I’ll be fine… I just need to get another coffee down me!” Did you know that coffee can raise your stress levels? Because it is addictive, we drink lots of it throughout the day and may have trouble sleeping at night. Thus, although that 4th cup of the day can give you a short-term kick … it can in fact be counterproductive to use excess amounts of caffeine as a means of workplace survival.

Stress can have detrimental effects or your mental and physical health, from anxiety, to obesity- it has proved to be a difficult aspect to tackle worldwide as people can’t seem to overcome it. Mental health foundation say that in the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

So, what is the best method to counteract stress? There isn’t a cure or solution… it all stems back to your mind. Mindfulness courses provided by Premier Partnership have effectively helped teams to manage stress in the workplace, as they become more aware of their surroundings and enable them to achieve all-round wellness at work.

How the Civil Aviation Authority learned how to reduce absenteeism and workplace stress through Premier Partnership’s services


The U.K.’s specialist aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), is tasked with ensuring the aviation industry meets the highest standards.

The Issue

Absence from work due to stress is on the rise across most industries. The CAA, a company that invests in its people and which commits to developing and maintaining excellence in its staff, approached Premier Partnership to provide a mindfulness workshop to a small number of employees.

The Solution

Mindfulness is a tool that can help individuals manage their stress levels, keeping them ‘present’ in the workplace, both physically and emotionally, and ultimately improving productivity. Particularly effective for those in high-responsibility, demanding roles, mindfulness aids concentration and increases happiness. In a team environment, it helps people connect with each other on a deeper level; it also increases their authenticity and compassion for others.

The experiential workshop that Premier Partnership delivered was both interactive and a true learning experience. Participants went from knowing very little about mindfulness to having significantly more awareness in a few hours. The attendees admitted to feeling challenged and uncomfortable at first but left the session feeling “enlightened and relaxed”.


The impact of the workshop was clear from the participants’ feedback; they were “blown away by the experience”, and one attendee confidently claimed that the workshop would change their life.

What Premier Partnership achieved in just three hours is an attractive alternative to reducing workplace stress that does not involve changes to working practices or a costly overhaul of a company’s physical environment.

Premier Partnership have delivered 39 stress-related training courses, overall training 468 delegates, and 94% of these delegates said they would highly recommend the course to a colleague.

Essentially, your body is your home- you’re not going to live anywhere else in your lifetime! Thus, it needs to be taken care of. Physical and psychological wellbeing go hand in hand, and coping mechanisms can be the catalyst for slipping into an unhealthy rut. For instance, if you get stressed you may eat too little, or eat too much, or not get enough sleep. So now you are not only stressed, your body is on its 5th takeaway of the week and you are extremely tired. When you feel that overwhelming sense of stress when you leave work or wake up in the morning, why not go for a run? The initial thought of it may make you shudder, but exercising has been proven to reduce stress… and the boost you get after it is worth it- plus you feel better physically. It’s a win-win situation.

Are you sleeping?

Are you planning?

Are you hydrated?

Are you eating healthy?


Take care.