It turns out that boredom can drive employee engagement and other positive outcomes for organisations.  This is the key finding of a new study by the Academy of Management, a global organisation devoted to management and organisation research.

The study, ‘Why Boredom Might Not be a Bad Thing After All’, by Guihyun Park and Hui Si Oh of Singapore Management University and Beng-Chong Lim of Nanyang Technology University, also in Singapore, found that feeling bored can push employees to be more creative. While past research has shown boredom to perpetuate negative emotions – such as anger and frustration – participants in this study did not experience a significant increase in negative emotions as a result of being bored.

The study showed that being bored significantly increased creativity in individuals with specific personality traits – including intellectual curiosity, high cognitive drive, openness to new experiences and an inclination towards learning. The researchers said: “We hope our research creates a better understanding of what it means to be bored at work that will be helpful for managers, employees and organisations. We believe there is an opportunity to improve employee engagement and organisational performance by designating boredom periods for employees during the workday.”

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Blog by David Pearson, Managing Director, Premier Partnership