Nurses are the foundation of our nation’s healthcareThe current significant decline of nursing in the UK is becoming alarming, nonetheless we have some positive news which makes us optimistic for the future of Britain’s healthcare system. 

We are pleased to inform that the Government has this month unveiled plans to allocate training budgets worth £1,000 per person to NHS nurses and midwives in a bid to increase and maintain morale and stop them leaving the profession within hospitals where they are desperately needed. 

The Treasury said that the money was designed to “keep nurses within our NHS” by allowing them to “enhance the care they are able to provide to patients, obtain advanced practice qualifications and move more easily between different roles in different parts” of the health service. It is believed that lack of access to training is one of the main issues damaging staff morale. Following student nursing bursaries being scrapped in 2017, the amount of people applying to study nursing at university dropped by 19%. Subsequently, the amendment of Government aid towards nurse training and funding should make a significant impact. 

The announcement comes as our Managed Training Services Framework contract with public sector owned professional buying organisation ESPO which allows us to supply training and learning solutions to NHS organisations directly, has been extended for a further two years. Since 2013 when we were first appointed to the framework, numerous NHS clients have benefited from the organisational transformation that our fully integrated managed training services have brought. This new commitment from the government will allow our NHS clients to easily access more targeted training specifically designed to keep nurses and midwives engaged and enthused through interactive and up to date learning. 

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