In less than 3 months sixty organisations have told us they wish to use the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) Managed Training Services framework.

ESPO provides a catalogue of learning available to the public sector through one simple learning portal without tendering, it has proven very popular to date.

We are pleased and impressed by the number of organisations who have quickly spotted the huge benefits of the service and the potential cost savings.

David Pearson. Marketing Director at Premier said, “We realised the service would be popular because of the ease of use, removal of the need to tender further for learning and the significant savings we can offer the public sector but I thought it would take a little longer for organisations to sign up and start trading. The huge interest so early after the award and the fact that five local authorities are already trading through it is testimony to the opportunities that those using the framework have access too.

David went on to say that quickly building the learner management system that supports the service and is available to all clients has been key in organisations’ decision making. The establishment of a new staffing structure and the developing of processes to assist with the rapid processing of training requests no matter how large or unusual has also ensured that Premier are able to handle the large interest the contract has generated.

Alan Woodcock, Operations Director at Premier added, “Our new staffing structure that incorporates more dedicated Client Relationship Managers to work with each client together with a team of Subject Matter Experts, means we are able to respond quickly to enquiries and requests for learning through a team of experts who have quickly got to know their clients and their unique needs.”