According to HR Excellence, a quarter of the UK workforce are now upskilling via online training. This is just brilliant news- let us raise the percentage! At Premier, we can provide training remotely to anywhere in the world across all digital devices.

As the vast majority are now working from home, online training can be a useful tool to develop new skills, provide variety, and fill any gaps created by tasks they simply cannot perform in the domestic setting.

The current coronavirus crisis has resulted in home working for a large proportion of the Public and Private sector. To ensure continuity of learning opportunities Premier has worked closely with our supply chain to identify key areas in which learning can be offered digitally. This includes e-learning, webinars, virtual classrooms, online qualification based learning and bespoke digital learning.

Click here to view our current digital offering. (This section of the website is being continuously updated)

We are continuing to support our clients during this period and have moved to digital learning where possible. We are now starting to move back into classrooms where it is essential for training, with smaller class sizes, following social distancing guidelines and with all the necessary precautions in place.

For further information please contact us at or by phone on 01302 369700