The first programme to be significantly affected by the Pandemic was the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) for one of my major police clients. Amidst the Pandemic, the operation of this priority training course for the Police force may have been hindered. As reported on recently by Nick Bradley, MD from our trusted partner Enlighten, we were able to move over 300 recruits to a digital version of CKP.

Below is Feedback on a recent CKP virtual delivery to a large Police force. This was a large cohort of new officers receiving a 7-week programme completely remotely. The move from classroom-based learning has not detracted from high quality delivery, in fact our results to date demonstrate an increase in success rates from 88% to 94%.



“I hope you’ll agree that the results are great to see, and show how the course was valued, and how well it was delivered by the trainers. On behalf of the CKP team, a big thank you to all for working so hard in these continuing challenging times, ensuring the officers receive this quality in training”


– Matthew Carey, CKP Sergeant, Learning and Development OCU.


In such ambiguous times, our client feedback is more valuable than ever. To see that fundamental courses such as CKP can be adapted and effectively carried out while receiving a brilliant response, gives great promise for the future world of Learning and development.