A critical step in providing a managed training service is the process for ensuring a client’s training needs are fully understood. Topic, audience, duration, delivery window, learning outcomes, return on investment all need to be agreed. Perhaps more importantly, the process for capturing this information swiftly and accurately should be simple and consistently effective.

As a leading Managed Training Service Provider, Premier Partnership routinely handles requests for thousands of courses every year across all the public sector. Clients include Blue Light organisations, Unitary Authorities, NHS Trusts, Ministry of Defence, and Civil Service organisations with annual training budgets and complex training requirements. Working with over 400 suppliers, we provide in excess of 20,000 training interventions to over 100 clients annually in multiple disciplines including (but not exclusive to):

  • Management and Leadership
  • Core skills
  • Health and Safety
  • Technical support (ICT)
  • Social Care
  • Accredited Learning
  • Blue Light Specialisms

To provide our clients’ learning interventions, we have resourced the very best learning providers across the UK who all demonstrate:

  • High levels of customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge, experience and expertise in chosen subject area
  • Continuous Professional Development of their trainers
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Robust Quality assurance processes
  • Competitive Pricing

All our providers have undertaken a robust on-boarding process which validates their capacity and capability, quality of delivery, GDPR and digital security compliance, resilience and business continuity planning, public and professional insurance indemnity, experience and expertise, and value for money.

Embracing technology for a better pathway to procurement of L&D

To enhance the buying process, our internal technical design team, supported by the supplier management and procurement teams, have developed a pathway to procurement for learning and training interventions that ensures our clients have their specific learning needs matched to the right supplier and solution. This pathway which we call ‘THE HUB’, enables clients and their nominated representatives to submit electronic requests for learning, matching the client’s requirements with suitable providers. We process an average of 600 requests for individual pricing of learning interventions per month with an average turnaround time of four days from a request for training to agreeing a matched supplier with the client’s request.

Our clients have their own individual password protected ‘HUB’ accounts which enables them to track the progress of requests and request amendments to their requirements. It gives clients the reassurance of quality learning provision, automated communication and administrative savings.

By continuously reviewing our client’s requests for quotes, the ‘HUB’ identifies trends and patterns that can be used in future planning and forecasting, and support the development of future learning interventions. It provides core data to our clients on request that enables them to identify repeat requirements which in turn reduces further the process by moving requests/products to a catalogue of learning interventions. This enables the client to book learning automatically direct from catalogue.

Overseeing the ‘HUB’ process are our procurement professionals, who supported by our in-house technology capability, are constantly analysing data produced by the ‘HUB’ to improve Service Level delivery and value for money to the client.

Organisational impact

By streamlining and automating the process for receiving quotes on non-catalogue or repeat booking items, we have enabled our clients to secure best value, have transparency of proceedings, and ensure that the whole process is adequately documented and recorded to demonstrate a robust audit trail.

Other benefits of Premier Partnership’s ‘HUB’ include:

  • A robust process supported by a technology solution
  • Request templates to facilitate accurate capture of the client’s requirement
  • Demonstrable Benchmarking that provides confidence in provider selected
  • Clarity of decision-making process in provider selection with supporting audit trail
  • Long term value for money
  • Compliance with Public Sector procurement rules
  • Balanced opportunities for SME’s against larger organisations.
  • Wide geographical spread of training providers
  • Reduces economic and quality risks

At its centre the Premier Partnership procurement ‘HUB’ improves efficiency, drives excellence through innovation and competitiveness, delivers honesty and transparency in the procurement process, and reduces the administrative workload of the client’s representative.