Over the past decade, policing has encountered new challenges which highlight the necessity for ever evolving training needs, but what are the benefits of e-learning technology in policing?

Modern day policing challenges

Traditionally, crime control and prevention was widely seen as the sole responsibility of the officer ’on the ground’ to respond to physical acts of law breaking. Today, it is more complex and with that comes a requirement to involve 21st century technology to assist officers with crime prevention. In an age of cybercrime, digitally-based intelligence-led policing is becoming more important. It’s essential for officers to have up-to-date skills and when training takes place in such a ’hands on’ environment, there’s a need for flexible learning solutions that don’t tie learners to desks, can be accessed on-the-go, and are designed to fully equip officers to deal with the challenges of modern-day policing. In addition, the rise of social media and the opportunity for interaction between the police and the public online, has created digital tools for crime stopping and rallying community spirit, as well as developing relationships and trust between the police and the community. Finally, by keeping relatively small crimes online, officers can use more resource for intelligence-led policing.


The future of learning and development in the policing profession is an exciting one and as new technologies emerge in the fight against crime, training solutions need to keep up.

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