Delivery is potentially to 500 Highways Agency staff who manage construction projects on the motorway and trunk road network in England.

The brief for the training was to design and deliver a CDM Legislation programme to Project Managers who deal with construction projects both large and small on the Highways of the UK.

We have specialist Construction, Design and Management knowledge and were able to design a CDM course which reflected the learning objectives and outcomes that Highways Agency wanted to achieve.

The course was designed to engage and inform delegates and equip them with the skills to:

⦁ reduce the occurrence of breaches of health and safety law
⦁ reduce injury – including potentially serious up to the level of death
⦁ reduce financial damage due to fines or civil proceedings
⦁ minimise the risk of damage to reputation

Highways Agency were keen to develop a course which not only delivered a better knowledge platform from which to manage projects, but to enhance skills and influence behaviour at the top to feed downwards to HA partners and benefit users of the network.

With this in mind the learning event was designed with four main stages:

⦁ Pre-event learning
⦁ Learning
⦁ Post event learning
⦁ Evaluation of learning

Premier Partnership recommended and Highways Agency recognised the benefits of having the course approved by IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) to give a gravitas to the learning programme and to assure delegates that the learning programme was to a standard that was recognised by safety professionals throughout the UK.

The development work at the front end of the programme, has certainly been of immense value in delivering a programme which is relevant, suitable to the audience and which hopefully will achieve the Key Performance Indicators set out at the start of the programme.

The programme has been a joint process and demonstrates the benefits of a joint approach to improve a learning experience. Highways Agency committed from the start to deliver a programme of learning to not only impart learning, but to influence behaviour among employees and major stakeholders. This design and delivery process has been a rewarding experience and hopefully will deliver a plethora of benefits to Highways Agency.

Premier Partnership supports Leadership and Management development through a blended learning approach that can be modified to suit the organisation and individual needs.