Our team at Premier are constantly looking at ways to create seamless and effortless results for our Clients, from finding the complete learning solution, to onboarding processes, training, results, and evaluation.

This system has been built and tested by our dedicated and qualified IT team over the last 10 days, and the solution is complete. The process is much more streamlined for the Operations team, in that they can simply select which TC1 requires an evaluation link, then Premier’s system does the rest. This one click generates a unique link & QR code for that course which then prefills in the course details for the delegate. This then sends the information to the trainer 5 days before the course and again on the morning of the course, retrieves the data on submission of the feedback, which then pulls through to Premier Insights for Clients to view.

There is an Admin backend which anybody internal can access if they need to see who has courses coming up to be evaluated, and to export the evaluation data to excel if required.

The go live date for the new system is Monday 3rd august.

Premier’s new evaluation system is also extremely cost and time efficient. Our highly capable IT team have put consistent and fantastic work into building our new system for Clients and team members. We will continue to develop and offer our Clients a smooth process for their learning and development experiences.