Anybody else in need of a pick me up? Positive, hopeful and ground-breaking events are still happening all around the globe. And we want to hear about them!

A recent flow of cloudless days in Germany, saw the country’s solar energy production climb above 32,000 megawatts in a single day last week, beating the previous record set on March 23rd. IN fact, by 2038, renewables are predicted by the German government to make up 80% of total grid production!

Following the subject of climate control; this week, IQAir, (a global leader in air quality data and solutions) published a COVID-19 Air Quality Report which shows air pollution levels in 10 major global cities dropping by as much as 60% during government-mandated lockdowns.

The first free food boxes containing essential supplies have been delivered in England to those at highest risk from coronavirus.

“In these difficult times, we’re proud to join forces and play such a vital role in supporting people in need during their period of isolation. Together we are experts in food service and our distribution networks reach into every corner of the country. Our highly professional drivers and warehouse teams will be keeping the wheels turning in this vital national endeavour.”

Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidfood, and Hugo Mahoney, CEO of Brakes


This week, 1 million people have found laughter by posting pictures of costume themed bin outings on social media. Although this mundane task of taking out the bin is usually far from fun, people have come together and made the best of a rather boring situation!

There are always good things happening in the world… you just need to look for them! Stay safe and stay positive.