Current world-news updates are fast flowing and fragile to say the least. As crucial as it is to stay in the loop in the current climate we face, we can get bombarded with information overload leaving us feeling drained. Often the leading stories tend to overshadow the good news, so what positive events have been happening?

A group of 9-year-old friends In Minneapolis, America have raised $100,000 to assist black-owned neighbourhoods and business. Through selling their homemade bracelets, the money raised will deliver support to those whose businesses have been badly affected by COVID19 and the lootings. The Bracelets are called, “Kamryn & Friends: Bracelets for Unity and Justice”.

Countries in Europe are beginning to dot their urban landscapes with tiny forests. These are equally productive and biodiverse as other wildlife areas, some only being the same size as tennis courts! The plan is for volunteers to plant tightly packed bunches of seedlings from homegrown plants, to create a functional ecosystem that can restore soil and preserve and protect air quality and water. Essentially, the aim is to create a biodiversity hotspot that will have a considerable impact on the environment county-wide and locally.

‘The Climate Emission Killer’ – is currently under construction in the UK. Lack of storage is a huge impediment when considering the implementation of renewable energy, but now a trailblazing organisation is developing the world’s first ever liquid-air battery storage facility for renewable energy. The zero-emission concept costs half as much to produce as lithium-ion batteries. This facility has the Capability of powering 200,000 homes for a day and storing renewable energy for weeks on end! The Climate Emission Killer and is set for operation in 2022.

There are always good things happening in the world… you just need to look for them!


“What sunshine is too flowers, smiles are to humanity, the good they can do is inconceivable”

-Joseph Addison


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