Anybody else in need of a pick me up? Positive, hopeful and ground-breaking events are still happening all around the globe. And we want to hear about them!

The Welsh government is currently planning to plant a national forest that is said to run the length and breadth of the length and breadth of Wales. This will connect existing protected woodland environments with large scale tree-planting projects, with the aim to restore natural Wales and fight climate change. The trees will help to tackle the effects of climate change, by purifying the air and storing the carbon. Flooding risk will also be mitigated, as excess rainwater will be soaked up- which could otherwise run down the hills into the communities.

“In planting, growing and protecting the right network of trees we can increase our resilience to flooding. Trees improve air quality, they remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, they provide material for construction, they regenerate soil for food, they clean the water in our rivers and they provide a home to all the life that finds shelter in their canopy.”

– Mark Drakeford AM, First Minister of Wales

Wales are not the only country tree planting. The most biodiverse country in the world, Madagascar has been gifted 60 million trees marking the country’s 60th birthday!

Amidst current events, the Children want us to stay positive! Photos have surfaced on social media in multiple in the UK, US, Italy and Canada and more, of children painting rainbows and posting them in their windows to cheer up people passing by. It is the simple pure acts of compassion that go a long way…by strengthening our global community without us even realising.

Several tech companies have begun installing solar panels and electrical grids across Australia with astounding speed. Philanthropist couple Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes have donated $12 million towards funding the Resilient Energy Collective—a coalition committed to setting up sustainable microgrids across Australia, following the devastating bushfires and flooding that destroyed the countries power systems.

Nature is being restored in the famous Venice canals! As the cruise ships are no longer in the docks, and the souvenir stalls closed… shoals of tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multicoloured plant-life have appeared. Air pollution has gone down significantly in America due to self-isolation restrictions and working from home. More than 100,000 people have recovered from corona virus worldwide, and people aged 90 are recovering from the virus! The World Health Authority has recently recorded 20 vaccinations that are now in development.

Seeing how communities have come together to do whatever they can across the world is truly incredible. Let’s hold tight, show resilience and unity, and keep doing our bit.