During this time, it is so very important to stay positive, and this is easier to do when we stay connected. Our team have been keeping one another updated on our work from home activities, fundraising and more!

A week ago, Our Client Relationship Director Lynne and her partner took part in the Great British Campout for NHS Staff, and they loved it so much they did it again over Easter weekend! A great ‘British’ camp out. Whether in your van on your drive, or a tent in your garden… people can camp out for the night and donate £2 (or more) each to our incredible NHS staff.

“This came up last week, so we thought we’d join in. You pay for your ‘pitch’ (cheap, only £2) via the Just Giving page for all NHS charities supporting COVID-19.

There is now also merchandise (hoodies, stickers, flags, mugs etc) and the original group has received sponsorship from Go Outdoors (now calling themselves Go Indoors on their website) and Blacks


My other half has a campervan, so this came in handy- We had lights on, chimenea burning, pizza and gin!!

It has escalated far more than the guy from West Bridgford expected – we’re excited to be doing it again this weekend.



So far, the Great British Campout has raised £100,560.00+ £18,612.88 Gift Aid.

Just amazing stuff. It’s fantastic to see people uniting in such hard times to support our NHS- and making it fun! Thankyou Lynne.


Our staff have been sharing their yummy dinners from home… warning, may cause cravings!

We have also been sharing our fun activities and our furry friends!


We will get through this if we look after one another. Seeing the sheer resilience of not just Premier but our whole nation coming together and staying strong, helping and holding each other together is a fantastic thing to see. The power of compassion!